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Judith Hochman Basic Writing Skills

Judith Hochman Basic Writing Skills

Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills provides instruction to address oral-to-written language deficits and is conducted using a variety of strategies and approaches. The basic structure of our approach focuses on Basic Writing Skills developed by Dr. Judith Hochman, the former head of the Windward School, a nationally renowned school for bright children with learning disabilities in New York.

These Basic Writing Skills include the importance of writing throughout all curricular areas and the introduction of expository writing which incorporates the strategies below:

  • Sentence vs. fragment vs. run-ons
  • Sentence expansion using “wh” question responses
  • Use of varying conjunctions and transitions to increase language complexity
  • Use of each of the four sentence types (statement, question, exclamation and command)
  • Grammar (syntax) practice, focusing on parts of speech, verb tenses, clauses, etc.
  • Strategies for Writing Outlines and Paragraphs:
    • Based on student’s grade and ability, either one paragraph “quick outlines” or multiple-paragraph outlines are used. They are done so with consistent formats so that students become adept at using them whenever they are required to organize their thoughts for writing.
  • Additional Strategies include:
    • Identification and development of topic sentences
    • Identification and development of details, using keywords (enhances note-taking skills)
    • Identification and development of conclusions
    • Use of a scripted writing prompt that helps students develop an efficient way to approach a writing task and to organize what they have to say prior to beginning to write


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