High School Placement

Life after graduating from JCOS

There are several options for eighth-graders to consider as they graduate from JCOS and matriculate into high school. The majority of our JCOS eighth-graders attend Catholic high school. Our JCOS students have attended the following Catholic high schools, Iona Preparatory School, Archbishop Stepinac High School, Mt. St. Michael Academy, Sacred Heart High School, Maria Regina High School, and The Ursuline School.

Students who plan to apply to a Catholic high school must take the Test of Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) exam on the first Friday in November of their eighth-grade year. We offer a TACHS preparation course twice weekly at JCOS from the second week of September through the first week in November. This course reviews all of the essential skills and concepts in English Language Arts, written expression, and mathematics that are assessed on the TACHS exam. In addition, when our JCOS students take the TACHS exam, we ensure that those who receive extended time as a testing accommodation on their IESP receive extended time at their testing site on the day that the TACHS exam is administered. Students take the TACHS exam the first Friday in November. HIgh school admittance letters are sent to students in mid-January.

Some of our students choose to matriculate in specialized private high schools and college preparatory schools. These schools generally have rolling admissions and require transcripts and recommendation forms from JCOS. Some of these schools also require interviews and assessments that are administered to the students at the respective schools. Some of the private, independent schools to which our students have matriculated include The Harvey School, Soundview Preparatory School, and Winston Preparatory School.

We also have eighth-grade students who choose to return to their public school district for high school. There are often many programs available on the high school level for our students. These include self-contained, integrated co-teach, and general education classes with resource room support.

Each fall we host an event called the Alumni Parent Forum. We invite the parents of former JCOS students to this event to speak about their children’s experiences transitioning from JCOS to high school. Families of current sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are invited to the Alumni Parent Forum to help them make an informed decision about the high schools to which their child should apply.