Case Study #1 – “Colin”

Colin, a 7th grader, came to JCOS as a 3rd grader. He was referred by his learning consultant and had already been retained a year and attended 3 different schools. Although bright with a wonderful memory, he did not have reading or writing skills to match his ability. Like most children with learning disabilities (LD), Colin’s struggles were not just academic – they were social and emotional too.


JCOS response:
Before academics, the goal was to gain trust and worth in Colin’s eyes. Through perseverance, patience and believing in Colin, his teachers found a way to reach him with positive reinforcement and attainable short-term goals. Using his strength of memory, alternative means of assessments were used such as: oral testing, project-based assessments, debates and dramatic role- playing, affording Colin the ability to hold onto his successes rather than his failures. Daily, intensive instruction for:

  • Reading, based on research-supported literacy instructional/remediation methods, direct instruction and multi-sensory teaching and learning
  • Writing, based on research-supported Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills for struggling writers


Today, Colin is a self-reliant student who actively advocates well for himself and others. He has taken on leadership roles – both in the school and in organizations in his community.

These case studies do not represent actual students, parents or faculty members. They are composites based on persons and learned experiences from JCOS. Any resemblance to real persons, past or present, is purely coincidental.