Case Study #4 – “Ashley”

Ashley, a 4th grader, was referred to JCOS by her pediatric neurologist due to concerns about anxiety, speech development and problems acquiring reading skills that impacted academic progress and functioning in school. She repeated first grade due to lack of reading skills and overwhelming anxiety interfering with her participation in the classroom.


JCOS response:
Small class sizes allowed for individual and differentiated instruction and more opportunities to break down instruction into manageable parts, building self-advocacy skills to help manage anxiety and maintain focus. Daily, intensive instruction for:

  • Reading, based on research-supported multi-sensory literacy instruction.
  • Writing, based on research supported Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills for struggling writers.
  • Orton-Gillingham Methodology for classroom instruction utilized throughout the curriculum.


After two years at JCOS, Ashley gained significant reading and writing skills, approaching her appropriate grade level, as well as individual strategies that have proven successful in both the academic and socio-emotional arena.