Grades 2 and 3

2nd and 3rd Grade Curriculum


The message of Jesus Christ’s teachings are integrated throughout all the subject areas. Students focus on the Sacraments, traditions of the Catholic Church, and the values of Faith, Hope, and Love. Students also participate in community service programs sponsored by the school.


Many of the students in the second and third grade use the Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) Program. PAF is a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based approach that explicitly teaches phonics and spelling patterns. Students learn skills in a structured, sequential way and learn to read from controlled readers that contain phonetically controlled decodable texts. Emphasis is on decoding, accuracy and fluency, comprehension, and summarization of written text.


Through the use of Judith Hochman’s Teaching Basic Writing Skills Program, students develop expository-writing skills. Children are given direct, explicit, systematic instruction in sentence and paragraph writing. Students are taught how to organize their thoughts in order to become effective writers.


Topics studied include: Number Sense, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Problem Solving, Money, Time, Fractions, and an introduction to multiplication and division.


Units of study include: The Sun and Earth, daytime / nighttime as well as the seasons, Matter, Energy, and Animal and Plant lifecycles and adaptation.

Social Studies

Students are exposed to the following topics: Geography and Map Skills, Communities—including rural, urban, and suburban, Economics—needs, wants, goods, services, consumers, and producers, and Our Government and national symbols. When in third grade, students will learn about various countries of the world. (countries is typed as counties currently).

  • Homework is assigned Monday – Thursday
  • Assignments should take approximately 30 minutes

JCOS has a wonderful system for updating students’ homework assignments and upcoming tests. It is a web-based system called SchoolNotes. You can access the system at Once you access the system, you need to sign up as a parent. You should scroll down to the bottom of the web page to the part that indicates parent sign up. You should “Search by School” for JCOS. There is a drop down menu that asks for the country, state, district (private for JCOS, regardless of your district of residence), and the school’s name. Once you have completed this registration process, you will then be able to locate your child’s homeroom, reading, and math teachers. You can subscribe to each teacher’s page so that you will receive emails directly from SchoolNotes to let you know when the teacher has updated his/her page. There is also a link on each teacher’s page where you can email the teacher directly.  JCOS faculty and staff are most willing to respond to communication from parents. Your expectation for a response should be within 24 hours during the school week between the hours of 3-6 pm. If you need immediate assistance, you should call the office directly. SchoolNotes is wonderful communication tool between families and the school.
In addition to SchoolNotes, the children also write their homework down in their planners each day. It is important to check your child’s planner each day as well as to check his/her folder for any handouts, flyers, or other important information.